3D printing service

Our 3D printing service utilizes the manufacturing service of more than 350 3D printers, which means that our customers can get competitive prices and fast delivery times.

Mass production 3D printing
ABS parts 3d printing


Our global network of certified FDM 3D printing manufacturing partners will enable you to quickly verify your designs using low-cost prototypes.

yb100 motorcycle parts


In SLS, the laser selectively sinters polymer powder particles, fuse them together and build a part layer by layer.

cnc machining Magnesium alloy parts


Parts are manufactured by spraying a binder onto a thin layer of polymer powder particles and sintering them using an infrared heat source.

aluminium anodized parts


Benefit from our certified SLA 3D printing manufacturing partner to quickly print your high-detail prototypes.

Why use YOYIKE for 3D printing

Additive manufacturing of functional prototypes and production parts.

Competitive FDM, SLA, SLS services Wide range of materials and surface treatment options Technical support, design guidelines and case studies

On average, save 10~30% of your budget

3D printing is the best service, if you want the best functional part prototype. YOYIKE is an expert in the field of rapid prototyping manufacturing in China, providing a wide range of 3D printing services, including SLA 3D printing (stereolithography), SLS 3D printing (selective laser sintering).

Quick and cost-effective quotation
Just upload your CAD file and specify the requirements, and our smart quotation engine can provide you with a quotation within 2 hours. With abundant manufacturing resources, we are confident to provide the most cost-effective price for your project
Powerful capabilities and flexible choices
YOYIKE has an in-house 3D printing factory of 2,000 square meters in Shenzhen, China. Our capabilities cover major 3D printing services, including FDM, Polyjet, SLS and SLA. We offer a wide range of materials and post-machining options.
Short delivery time and high quality
Delivery time is a key factor in 3D printing projects. yoyike can help you shorten the delivery time from 3 days. For each order, we provide SGS, RoHS material certification, full-size inspection report according to your requirements.
Build complex geometry
Allows to create unique parts with more complex geometries and precise details without increasing costs.
Reduce manufacturing costs
Reduce production costs by eliminating the need for tools and reducing labor.

Cost, quantity and delivery time

3D printing usually produces a small number of parts without tools and manual intervention, so it can achieve fast turnaround and low cost. The manufacturing cost of 3D printing is priced based on the quantity of materials, which means that larger parts or more quantities cost more.

camera housing

Reduce the cost of 3D printing

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Generally speaking, in China, there is a complete machining technology, whether it is in materials, machining, and surface treatment, and manufacturing in China can save 10~30% of the cost compared with European countries.

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Select the exact manufacturer

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We have a complete manufacturing process, including raw material machining, quality inspection, and surface service, which allows us to better balance customer demand for speed, cost and quality than ever before.

How to ensure the quality of printed materials?

We include a comprehensive and standardized inspection report in each order to ensure that quality indicators are met, and we provide first-piece inspection services for orders for more than 100 units. We can also provide multiple certifications upon request, including but not limited to ISO9001, ISO13485 and AS9100.

Accuracy, surface quality and geometric complexity

3D printing can create parts with highly complex geometric shapes, and even hollow shapes that cannot be completed by CNC machining, such as jewelry, handicrafts, etc. CNC machining provides higher dimensional accuracy (±0.005mm) and better surface finish (Ra 0.1μm).

Subtractive and additive manufacturing

3D printing is also called additive manufacturing, which builds parts through layers of materials. Compared with the traditional manufacturing process, it has many advantages, but there are also problems. CNC machining is a fairly common subtractive technology used in parts manufacturing, which manufactures parts by cutting off the blank.

Services and solutions

Focus on improving our competitive advantage through technical support and enhancing the technical team’s understanding of precision products and technologies.

Precision manufacturing

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