Accelerating Aerospace

Through rapid prototyping and on-demand production, reduce risk, speed up release and simplify the supply chain

Excellent Aerospace Precision Machining

Our outstanding aerospace machining capabilities set us apart and make us a leading service provider in one of the most innovative industries in the world. We work hard,To make full use of our team's experience and the most advanced equipment. We are always committed to manufacturing high-quality aerospace components that meet customer specifications.

The aerospace industry has strict specifications for the materials used in the manufacture of its components. Generally, the material should be strong and durable while maintaining a fairly light weight.

Aerospace workpiece machining

In order to achieve the greatest possible precision, mechanical parts in the aerospace industry are usually produced by CNC machining.

One of the most popular materials in all market sectors of the aerospace industry is aluminum. Aluminum is the third most abundant element on the planet, and its abundance makes it a very cost-effective material choice.

Our aerospace machinery workshop uses some of the most precise and innovative technologies to manufacture high-quality components for the aerospace industry.

We work in a strict climate control environment to manufacture products with strict tolerances, and we strive to anticipate and overcome any challenges that our components may face in this field.

Military aircraft

Aircraft, such as fighter jets and transport aircraft used to transport military equipment and personnel to deployment locations.


Components used in spacecraft, the International Space Station, and other aerospace equipment for landing on planetary bodies.

Commercial Airlines

Many aircraft parts are produced and machined using CNC, such as landing gear, motion control, turbines, actuators, etc.

General Aviation

In addition to commercial airlines, there are many general aviation-precision machining parts applications, such as the manufacture of helicopters, aircraft fuselage parts, wing ribs, jet engine shells, etc.

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