Small batch manufacturing and machining services

Small batch production is a rapid production method that precedes full production, with production volumes ranging from 10 to 100,000 pieces.

It does not require investment in expensive production tools, but reduces risk, allows design flexibility, shortens time to market, and creates opportunities for saving production costs.

In addition, it provides agility and fast turnaround for on-demand manufacturing in the supply chain.

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The advantages of small batch manufacturing

Small batch manufacturing The advantages

We provide low volume cnc turning and cnc milling services,Committed to providing high-quality customized parts that strictly meet your design requirements and specifications through a large number of small batch manufacturing services

More flexible design iteration

Creating low-volume manufacturing can more effectively verify design, engineering, and manufacturability.

Short turnaround time and low cost

For low-volume manufacturers, the tool is cost-effective, can process orders quickly and flexibly, and has no minimum order quantity.

Narrow the gap with production

Small batch test runs bridge the gap between prototype and production, and any problems are discovered and resolved in time before entering mass production.

Shorten time to market

Small-batch manufacturing optimizes the connection between production and the supply chain and consumers, and provides fast time to market for new products.

Effective small batch manufacturing

Precision machining

With the shortening of product life cycles and the shortening of new product development cycles, flexible innovation and time to market are still essential.

In order to meet the needs of customization and diversification, the production line tends to be small batch production.

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Small batch machining service

Committed to providing high-quality customized parts that strictly meet your design requirements and specifications through a large number of small batch manufacturing services, including CNC machining, rapid injection molding, vacuum casting, metal casting, sheet metal, press forging, aluminum extrusion and more .

We continue to strengthen production management, process improvement, supply chain collaboration and cost control, and continuously improve customer satisfaction with fast, efficient and competitive prices.

Why choose YOYIKE for small batch manufacturing?

Let YOYIKE handle all your custom manufacturing needs

Extensive low-volume manufacturing process options
We provide a wide range of manufacturing services for small batch production needs of metal and plastic parts, including CNC machining, plastic injection molding, metal casting, sheet metal manufacturing, etc., as well as one-stop surface treatment options.
Utilize the complete resources of our China supply chain
Our rich manufacturing experience and ability to integrate resources can meet your processing needs, and provide small batch manufacturing processes through the most advanced facilities to meet any project requirements.
Flexible order processing with fast DFM response.
No minimum order quantity, provide faster and more flexible orders; fast DFM feedback to predict potential problems, help you solve engineering challenges and reduce production costs.
ISO 9001 certified quality control
Our strict quality control process and advanced testing equipment ensure that your parts always meet the required quality standards.

Small batch manufacturing

Small batch manufacturing is the best way to smoothly transition from prototype to production, and provides on-demand production and the ability to quickly deliver customized parts.

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Precision manufacturing

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Precision machining

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