CNC turning machining

High-precision metal and plastic turning parts machining services from China. Committed to providing precision turned parts for rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing.

CNC turning is a special form of precision machining in which the tool removes material by contacting a rotating workpiece. The movement of the machine is controlled by computer instructions, with extremely high precision and repeatability.

Turning is different from CNC milling. In CNC milling, the tool rotates and points at the workpiece from multiple angles, and the workpiece is usually stationary. Since CNC turning involves rotating the workpiece in a chuck, it is often used to create circular or tubular shapes to obtain a more precise circular surface than CNC milling or other processes.

CNC turning machining advantages

  • CNC turning can still be used for various cutting operations, including drilling, boring, threading, and knurling. .
  • A manufacturing partner who has passed ISO9001 certification upon request
precision Magnesium alloy cnc machining part

CNC turning metal machining

Aluminum machining is a key part of Greenbat Technology's service catalog, but CNC turning can also be used to process metals such as magnesium, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, titanium and nickel alloys.

CNC turning is commonly used for mechanical and cosmetic parts. These parts are usually made of aluminum, which is the easiest metal to machine. Aluminum parts can be made with high strength and high precision, as well as excellent surface finish.

cnc machining stainless steel

CNC turning plastic machining

Although precision machining is usually used for metals, YOYIKE can also provide CNC turning services for plastic parts.

The materials that can be used for CNC turning include nylon, polycarbonate, ABS, POM, PP, PMMA, PTFE, PEI, PEEK, which provide more accurate parts than 3D printing.

Our case study in CNC turning aluminum machining

Whether you need machined aluminum prototypes or custom aluminum parts for military, aerospace applications or medical device components, we can easily help you. With our expertise in CNC aluminum machining and the ability to integrate external combined processes, we can ensure that your aluminum machining projects get the best performance. You will see these in our case study.

Quality Assurance

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we provide customers with SGS, RoHS, material certification and full-scale reports. The first ship inspection plan can also be provided according to your requirements.

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