Communication equipment and chassis

As a supplier of precision communication chassis for some of the most important industries in the world, YoYike has been at the forefront of the design and development of technical solutions for more than ten years.

Sturdy communication Equipment machining capability

YoYike provides our customers with the complete realization of any product ideas or concepts in a rugged and durable communication equipment chassis.

Based on our long-term experience in customized products, our engineering team is always ready to solve any technical issues raised to them.

With precision machining, rapid prototyping and 3D printing technology, our R&D team has a strong ability to manage complex machining.

YoYike has a strong capability for mass production in a short period of time. The manufacturing park has end-to-end facilities, from robotic sheet metal turrets, CNC seals to custom assembly and testing laboratories.

Military communications & Rugged router chassis

Building products and systems for harsh environments requires specialized design, manufacturing, and testing standards.

YoYike adopts these standards and innovative manufacturing and assembly technologies to ensure the performance and reliability of all customized and military magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy products.

Our metal processing is all carried out in-house by a team of highly qualified and experienced mechanics. Using a set of newly commissioned HAAS vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers supported by Bridgepoint vertical CNC machine tools and Trimos measurement system,

5G communication chassis

5G base stations introduce large-scale antenna technology, and the volume, weight, and heat dissipation of AAU are all challenged. Need to adopt a variety of new technologies, new processes, and new materials.

Remote unit of digital optical repeater

The optical fiber repeater chassis is mainly composed of optical near-end chassis, optical fiber, and optical remote machine (covering unit).

Router chassis

The sturdy router chassis has passed the high-demand aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy materials and is formed by precision machining

5g base station heat sink

The 5G base station chassis mainly thickens the shell of the 5G base station radiator chassis, and there are several heat sinks on the front and back of the 5G base station heat dissipation housing

Accuracy rate

99.69 %

This is the product qualification rate we have been doing all the time. 100% is our goal.

Business growth

100 %

We use quality, honesty, and win customers to introduce customers to grow our real business

Number of customers


With continuous accumulation,and developing together with customers

Complete the project


we have completed the goal of this year’s communications project

Precision manufacturing

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Precision machining

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