Die casting service

We have perfect metal die casting services, including magnesium die casting, aluminum die casting, zinc die casting skills

Magnesium die casting

Sturdy, sturdy, fully recyclable but very light, with excellent EMI/RFI shielding characteristics.

Aluminum die casting

Our proprietary thin-walled aluminum technology makes it possible to manufacture smaller and lighter products at lower component costs.

Zinc die casting

High strength and excellent hardness make zinc an ideal substitute for machining, pressing, stamping and manufacturing parts.

Die casting service advantages

In terms of machining, different metals require different processes.

Our revolutionary metal die casting process provides many important benefits, including:


It helps to achieve complex designs and forms, and can easily customize castings to specific manufacturing processes.

Higher speed:

Aluminum and magnesium alloy die castings can produce parts at a higher speed than other metal alloys. The integrated robot die-casting work cell further improves production efficiency.

Lightweight strength:

Aluminum and magnesium castings provide a high-value combination of light weight and superior strength.

Low cost:

Aluminum and magnesium die castings are usually cheaper than other metal alloys.

Various uses and corrosion resistance:

Aluminum and magnesium castings are extremely versatile and have excellent corrosion resistance.

A wide range of die casting equipment,

Various cold room machines are available.

Supporting automatic die-casting equipment,

Including automatic ladle, automatic spraying system and cutting-edge robot.

Fully equipped melting department

Equipped with a central reverberation furnace, a low-energy and high-efficiency aluminum holding furnace, and a furnace/bracket combination furnace.

A finishing department

Contains a Tumblast Wheelabrator, vibration mill, belt machine and a fully automatic sanding and polishing robot cell.

Quality control measures for aluminum die castings

With the implementation of our advanced die-casting system, the quality is guaranteed

It is precisely because YOYIKE is an aluminum die-casting manufacturer that quality control is the top priority at every stage of the entire process. Die-casting system is the name of YOYIKE's die-casting process monitoring system, and its goal is to eliminate production errors! Defect prevention is cheaper than defect detection in manufacturing, which allows us to pass on the cost savings to you!

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Services and solutions

Through the use of rapid molds, you can obtain your molded parts quickly and at low cost with production-grade materials and technical processes for rapid injection molding in small batches.

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