Consumer electronics manufacturing

Accelerate the development of consumer electronics and computer electronics, and defeat market competition through rapid prototyping and on-demand production

Features and user experience For improvement

Development speed and well-designed, user-centric final products are critical to the success of companies that promote consumer and computer electronics products and equipment to different markets.

Technology-based manufacturing processes can speed up the design cycle, reduce development costs, and help support more SKUs and product customization that consumers now need.

From airplanes to cars to hospitals, you can find electronic products almost everywhere. These products bring you value through advanced features and improved user experience.

YoYike technology Innovation and rapid development

The electronics industry is a fast-developing industry. The iterative development of electronics and information technology and the emerging needs of the market are driving this industry to continue to innovate. The electronics industry also applied YoYike technology earlier, and many electronic accessories today are manufactured with YoYike technology. With the breakthrough progress of printable materials, YoYike will bring more surprises to the electronics industry.

Design optimization and design verification

Assist customers in design optimization and timely verification through rapid prototyping to ensure design accuracy and improve design efficiency

Small batch production

While reducing production costs for customers, it also provides customers with a new market model.

Quick proofing

Using our own production capacity and strong supply chain guarantees, we can provide customers with rapid sample trial production, shorten the development cycle of new products, and gain time for new product launches.

Customized machining service

Meet the needs of end users, highlight product personality, and enhance product attractiveness.

Accuracy rate

99.69 %

This is the product qualification rate we have been doing all the time. 100% is our goal.

Business growth

98 %

We use quality, honesty, and win customers to introduce customers to grow our real business

Number of customers


With continuous accumulation, and develop together with customers

Complete the project


we have completed the goal of this year’s electronic project

Precision manufacturing

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Precision machining

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