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Rapid injection molding is a production method that applies rapid molds to plastic injection molding, which means that not only can hundreds of prototype parts be manufactured for testing close to the final product, but also can provide end-use on-demand production. For small batch injection mold parts.

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Overmolding is a unique injection molding process that combines two or more components. This is the best practice for plastic manufacturing of multi-color and multilayer products.

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Insert molding

Insert molding is a custom injection molding process that encapsulates parts in plastic parts. It is most commonly used for prototype injection designs with threads and holes.

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Injection molding of liquid silicone rubber

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a flexible prototype injection molding process that produces flexible, durable parts. Get customized prototypes and production parts from 15 days.

Strong ability

Our experienced prototype injection molding service provides a complete list of injection molding processes, as well as more than 100 materials and surface treatments to meet your customized injection molding needs.

High efficiency

As an injection molding manufacturer in China, we provide a reasonably priced injection molding quotation within 1 working day. In addition, there is no MOQ rapid injection molding to make it suitable for initial development.

Reliable quality

It is easy to use YOYIKE for rapid injection molding. We provide free DFM feedback, certification and production updates throughout the process. You always get high-quality custom molded plastic parts.

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Reason for choosing fast mold


Delivery: Faster manufacturing and shorter cycle time. This is particularly useful when small batches are very time sensitive.

Cost: More cost-effective than traditional tools. Because the rapid machining system is a simplified machining process, it takes less time and less manpower to enter the market.

Quality: Compared with traditional molds, parts manufactured by rapid soft mold systems are generally less durable and have a shorter service life. However, the lowest quality affordability has a positive impact on your profits.

The advantages of YOYIKE rapid tooling service


With experience in CNC machining, EDM machining, 3D printing and special finishing in product development, we can prove that we are focused on rapid production of tooling and rapid injection molds.

In the case of exceeding your highest expectations, complete small batches of plastic parts of specific materials within 2-5 weeks.

Our services can help you speed up pre-production testing and verification, narrow the gap with production, and use a more complete design to put into production and enter the market faster.

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Services and solutions

Through the use of rapid molds, you can obtain your molded parts quickly and at low cost with production-grade materials and technical processes for rapid injection molding in small batches.

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