About qualification certification

We strictly require that every product can meet customer needs. In terms of qualifications, we have a number of certifications to ensure the quality of customers’ products


Qualification certification refers to a conformity assessment activity in which a nationally recognized certification body certifies that an organization's products, services, and management systems conform to relevant standards, technical specifications or mandatory requirements.

Conditions for applying for company qualification certification:

1. An institution that complies with national regulations and is approved for establishment in accordance with legal procedures;

2. An independent legal entity that implements independent accounting and is responsible for its own profits and losses;

3. Have a fixed workplace and the computers, instruments, meters and other equipment required for the supervision of the construction of communication projects;

4. Comply with the qualification level standards of the communication construction supervision enterprise applied for.

About the certification certificate

  • ISO9001:2015: 2021.6
  • SAA: 2018.3
  • 3C: 2018.5
  • ROHS: 2014.6
  • PSE: 2016.9
  • UL: 2021.3
  • CE: 2015.6
  • Equipment inspection: 2021.3

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