aluminum alloy forging Development status

Aluminum alloy forging production technology has developed by leaps and bounds, and a complete aluminum alloy forging production system has been formed,

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which can basically meet the needs of the national economy and national defense construction. However, compared with the aluminum alloy forging technology of advanced foreign countries, my country's technology still has a certain gap. With the implementation of my country's large aircraft project and other large-scale key projects, the completion of the 800MN vertical die forging hydraulic press will promote my country to become a major and powerful country in the world for aluminum alloy forging.1B4YoYike manufacturer company
1B4YoYike manufacturer company
1B4YoYike manufacturer company
Aluminum alloy Development status1B4YoYike manufacturer company
 1B4YoYike manufacturer company

Forging production is one of the main ways to provide rough mechanical parts to various industries in the national economy. The superiority of forging production is that it can not only obtain the shape of mechanical parts, but also improve the internal structure of the material and provide excellent mechanical properties. For the important mechanical parts with large forces and high mechanical performance requirements, most of them are manufactured by forging methods.1B4YoYike manufacturer company
 1B4YoYike manufacturer company

Aluminum alloy has a series of advantages such as low density, high specific strength and high specific rigidity. It has been widely used in various industrial sectors, and aluminum alloy forgings have become an indispensable material for mechanical parts in various industrial sectors. 1B4YoYike manufacturer company
1B4YoYike manufacturer company
Especially in the past ten years, with the progress of science and technology and the development of the national economy, higher and higher requirements have been placed on materials, forcing aluminum alloy forgings to develop in the direction of large-scale integration, high-strength, high-toughness, and complex precision. Greatly promoted the development of large and medium hydraulic presses and ring rolling machines.1B4YoYike manufacturer company

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