Aluminum alloy characteristics

Aluminum alloy has better physical and mechanical properties than pure aluminum, easy processing, high durability, wide application range, good decorative effect, and rich colors.

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Compared with other metal materials, aluminum alloy has the following characteristics: mKfYoYike manufacturer company

1. Low density The density of aluminum and aluminum alloy is close to 2.7g, which is about 1/3 of that of iron or copper. mKfYoYike manufacturer company

2. High strength Aluminum and aluminum alloy have high strength. After a certain degree of cold working, the strength of the matrix can be strengthened, and some grades of aluminum alloys can also be strengthened by heat treatment. mKfYoYike manufacturer company

3. Good electrical and thermal conductivity The electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum is second only to silver, copper and gold. mKfYoYike manufacturer company

4. Good corrosion resistance The surface of aluminum is easy to naturally produce a dense and firm AL2O3 protective film, which can well protect the substrate from corrosion. Through artificial anodic oxidation and coloring, cast aluminum alloy with good casting performance or deformed aluminum alloy with good processing plasticity can be obtained. mKfYoYike manufacturer company

5. After adding certain alloying elements for easy processing, cast aluminum alloy with good casting performance or deformed aluminum alloy with good processing plasticity can be obtained.mKfYoYike manufacturer company
 mKfYoYike manufacturer company

Extended information:mKfYoYike manufacturer company
 mKfYoYike manufacturer company

Aluminum alloy still maintains its light weight, but its mechanical properties are significantly improved. The application of aluminum alloy materials has the following three aspects:mKfYoYike manufacturer company

One is as a force-bearing member;mKfYoYike manufacturer company

The second is as materials for doors, windows, pipes, covers, shells, etc.;mKfYoYike manufacturer company

The third is as decoration and insulation materials.mKfYoYike manufacturer company

The aluminum alloy can be colored after anodic oxidation treatment to make various decorations. The surface of aluminum alloy plates and profiles can be processed by anti-corrosion, embossing, painting, printing and other secondary processing to make various decorative plates and profiles as decorative materials.mKfYoYike manufacturer company

The cost is low, and the same parts can be produced in large quantities using a machining technology, which is also one of his characteristics.mKfYoYike manufacturer company

Pure aluminum is divided into smelted products and pressure processed products. The former is represented by the chemical composition Al, and the latter is represented by the Chinese Pinyin LV (aluminum, industrial). According to the processing method, aluminum alloys can be divided into two categories: deformable aluminum alloys and cast aluminum alloys:mKfYoYike manufacturer company

The deformed aluminum alloy can withstand pressure processing. It can be processed into various shapes and specifications of aluminum alloy materials. Mainly used in the manufacture of aviation equipment, doors and windows for construction, etc. Deformable aluminum alloys are divided into non-heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloys and heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloys.mKfYoYike manufacturer company

The non-heat-treatable reinforced type cannot improve the mechanical properties through heat treatment, but can only be strengthened through cold working deformation. It mainly includes high-purity aluminum, industrial high-purity aluminum, industrial pure aluminum, and rust-proof aluminum. Heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloys can improve mechanical properties through heat treatment methods such as quenching and aging. It can be divided into duralumin, forged aluminum, super-duralumin, and special aluminum alloys.mKfYoYike manufacturer company

Cast aluminum alloys can be divided into aluminum-silicon alloys, aluminum-copper alloys, aluminum-magnesium alloys, aluminum-zinc alloys and aluminum-rare-earth alloys according to their chemical composition. Among them, aluminum-silicon alloys include hypereutectic silicon aluminum alloys, eutectic silicon aluminum alloys, and monolithic alloys. Crystalline silicon aluminum alloy, cast aluminum alloy is used in the as-cast state.mKfYoYike manufacturer company

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