Foundry technology development

In 2020, my country's total casting production has reached 51.95 million tons, accounting for more than 40% of the world's total casting production.

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It is a veritable casting country in the world. At that time, I was very excited and proud to see this data, but as an practitioner in the foundry industry, I also know that although China is a large foundry country, it is not yet a powerful foundry country.xVoYoYike manufacturer company
xVoYoYike manufacturer company
In some areas, China's foundry still has many shortcomings and improvements compared with the founding power. space. For example: precision control of finished castings, energy saving in production, etc. At present, my country is in the advanced stage of continuous reform and opening up.xVoYoYike manufacturer company
xVoYoYike manufacturer company
Foundry technology developmentxVoYoYike manufacturer company
xVoYoYike manufacturer company
The emphasis on industry and the vigorous integration, reform and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing casting industry will quickly promote my country's transformation from a large casting country to a casting power.xVoYoYike manufacturer company
xVoYoYike manufacturer company
"The country builds on talents, politics is governed by talents, and industry is based on talents." The importance of talent is self-evident. Technical personnel is one of the important capitals of an enterprise and an important part of the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Enterprises are the main body of technical personnel training and use. Strengthening the training of technical workers and building a high-skilled talent team can promote enterprises to enhance their core competitiveness and cultivate the spirit of "big country craftsmen". It is also of great significance to promote the realization of my country's manufacturing power strategy.xVoYoYike manufacturer company
xVoYoYike manufacturer company
xVoYoYike manufacturer company
At present, the technical personnel of my country's foundry enterprises are relatively small, and most of the technical personnel grew up in the process of production practice. The theoretical foundation of the casting system is not solid, and many detours have been taken in the work, which wastes time and material costs. Nowadays, our country is transforming from a large casting country to a powerful casting country, and industrial upgrading and integration have put forward higher requirements on the technical personnel of various enterprises.xVoYoYike manufacturer company
xVoYoYike manufacturer company
xVoYoYike manufacturer company
Only by continuously consolidating the knowledge base and improving the cutting-edge level can technical personnel contribute to the national strategy of strengthening the country.

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