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Industry 5.0 was first proposed by Universal Robots of Denmark last year, when it set off a big wave in the industry. Taking the automobile industry as an example, in view of the development and evolution of the market and the highly personalized need

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As a branch of computer science, artificial intelligence is no longer a programmer simply typing out codes, but a high level of simulation of human thinking and consciousness, and even adding emotions to its humanized design, making it no longer a cold machine .85nYoYike manufacturer company

The essence of Industry 4.0 is the application of information and communication technology ICT in CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems). As its core technology, Internet of Things, advanced manufacturing, digital factories, 3D printing, robots, etc., are all new Technology or Germany’s own technology. In the parallel era of virtual and real interaction, human life is equal to human behavior in physical space plus human behavior in virtual space.85nYoYike manufacturer company
85nYoYike manufacturer company
Similarly, the complex manufacturing industrial process is also equal to the manufacturing of physical space plus the manufacturing process of virtual space. The parallelized intelligent manufacturing process breaks through the constraints of the limited resources of the physical world by using the unlimited data and information resources of the network world, and uses virtual reality technology to truly incorporate people in the industrial system and management process.85nYoYike manufacturer company

While Industry 4.0 is in full swing, Industry 5.0 has quietly awakened, and the high-intelligence technology we have seen in science fiction movies will also become a reality in the future. Industry 4.0 is gradually entering a period of maturity and growth. The speed of change in the era of informatization and networked industries is not what you and I can imagine. The future has come, and it is time to look forward to the arrival of Industry 5.0.85nYoYike manufacturer company

As one of the major industrial countries, Lao Mei also fully recognizes the Industry 5.0 concept of human-machine collaboration. At present, American manufacturing workers are aging, and a new generation of young people are very resistant to joining the manufacturing industry, causing the manufacturing industry to begin to face new difficulties. Therefore, every state in the United States has raised basic salaries one after another, and the manufacturing industry has no choice but to resort to Industry 5.0 to enter the era of human-machine collaborative production.85nYoYike manufacturer company

The architecture of Industry 5.0 is: 1 system basis, CPSS; 1 core method, ACP; 2 spaces, physical space and virtual space; 2 systems, intelligent enterprise and intelligent management; 3 themes, interconnected social computing, Software-defined system, knowledge automation; 4 main features, vertical and horizontal deep integration, rolling optimization, comprehensive transparency, data and model integration, and human-in-the-loop knowledge integration.85nYoYike manufacturer company

China is a major manufacturing country in the world. How China's manufacturing industry innovates its own concepts, systems and technologies, and establishes its own industrial brand is an important issue of common concern for China's industry, academia, and even national leaders.85nYoYike manufacturer company
85nYoYike manufacturer company
The conference is of great significance in the context of the rapid development of emerging information technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet, and the ubiquitous popularity of portable mobile terminal devices. I believe that in the near future, the competitiveness and strength of an enterprise may not depend on its external scale and assets to a large extent, but by its accompanying artificial system, that is, the size and depth of the software-defined enterprise. Decided; the deep integration of industrialization and informatization is bound to be the application and popularization of parallel factories, parallel enterprises, and parallel manufacturing.85nYoYike manufacturer company

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