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Chinese precision machining plants are high-end in many fields and in the world. There are many Chinese precision machining factories in China.


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At present, there are not many mainly focusing on magnesium alloy material machining. YoYike is a professional Magnesium alloy precision machining manufacturer. Facing the continuous efforts of Chinese CNC machining manufacturers in the field of magnesium alloys, the production capacity offensive and scale advantages have been further enhanced, and China's precision machining factory has developed rapidly in the world.6uVYoYike manufacturer company
6uVYoYike manufacturer company
As a key technology in the machining and manufacturing factory, precision machining technology has always been the focus of manufacturing technology research and development in countries around the world. China is currently in the stage of standardized mass production, which has crossed the two periods of budding and growth. It is no longer the world's precision machining factory that manufactures low-end mechanical equipment parts, but is making continuous progress. It has become a machining base for the production of precision equipment parts. .6uVYoYike manufacturer company
6uVYoYike manufacturer company
In the early 1950s, China focused on the technological development of traditional precision machining manufacturers, established precision machinery research institutes in various places and trained a large number of precision machinery talents, and continued to study the basic research and development of precision machinery and the fields that can be applied. In the 1970s, China has introduced CNC machine tools to produce and process parts, and many high-tech industries such as aerospace, artificial intelligence and other fields of research and development are constantly bringing vitality to the development of precision machinery.6uVYoYike manufacturer company
6uVYoYike manufacturer company
By the 1990s, the traditional products of precision machining manufacturers gradually moved towards automation and high-precision development, and began to produce precision equipment parts such as computer processors, integrated circuits, measuring tools, etc., which means that China's precision machinery has not. Then it is a single mechanical discipline, but blends with various disciplines to form a new science.6uVYoYike manufacturer company
6uVYoYike manufacturer company
For a long time, China's precision machining factory has been machining and producing spare parts needed by domestic small and medium-sized enterprises. However, in recent years, due to the continuous improvement of yoyike's precision machinery technology, some aspects have reached the world's leading level. Many domestic military, medical, and communication industries have begun to hand over some parts to yoyike for manufacturing to improve production efficiency. At the same time, foreign-funded enterprises, including multinational companies in Japan, Europe and the United States, have gradually handed over the parts needed for production to domestic enterprises for manufacturing, and the export of precision parts products has continued to rise in the proportion of my country's exports.6uVYoYike manufacturer company
6uVYoYike manufacturer company
Precision machining technology has become the foundation of high-tech fields today, and many scholars are doing a lot of research work to improve the precision of precision machining. Therefore, precision machining will develop in the direction of miniaturization, greening, high precision and high rigidity in the future, and further improve the self-innovation ability of enterprises.

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