Various machining skills

How are many things in daily life made from small springs to large cars? In fact, they are assembled through various parts of machining. Let's talk about several ways of machining.

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▲Drilling technologysqiYoYike manufacturer company
When drilling on a drill press, under normal circumstances, the drill bit should complete two motions at the same time: the main motion, that is, the rotary motion of the drill bit around the axis (cutting motion); the auxiliary motion, that is, the linear motion of the drill bit against the workpiece along the axis ( Feed motion). When drilling, the processing quality is mainly affected by the shortcomings in the structure of the drill bit. The processing accuracy is generally below IT10, and the surface roughness is about Ra12.5μm, which is rough processing.sqiYoYike manufacturer company
sqiYoYike manufacturer company
▲Multi-axis CNC machiningsqiYoYike manufacturer company
Multi-axis CNC machining can control the linkage of more than 4 coordinate axes at the same time, combining functions such as CNC milling, CNC boring, and CNC drilling. After a workpiece is clamped, the machining surface can be milled, bored, and drilled. Machining effectively avoids positioning errors caused by multiple installations, shortens the production cycle, and improves machining accuracy.sqiYoYike manufacturer company
sqiYoYike manufacturer company
▲Metal electrodepositionsqiYoYike manufacturer company
The electrodeposition of metal is through the electrolysis method, that is, the process of forming a metal layer on the solid surface through the reduction reaction of metal ions on the cathode of the electrolytic cell and the electrocrystallization process. Its purpose is to change the surface properties of solid materials or to prepare metal materials with specific compositions and properties.sqiYoYike manufacturer company
sqiYoYike manufacturer company
▲Induction heatingsqiYoYike manufacturer company
Induction heating: The workpiece is placed in an inductor, which is generally a hollow copper tube with intermediate frequency or high frequency alternating current (300-300000Hz or higher). The alternating magnetic field generates an induced current of the same frequency in the workpiece. The distribution of this induced current on the workpiece is uneven. It is strong on the surface, but weak on the inside. It is close to zero to the core. Use this skin effect , The surface of the workpiece can be heated quickly, and the surface temperature will rise to 800-1000℃ within a few seconds, while the temperature of the core will increase very little.sqiYoYike manufacturer company
sqiYoYike manufacturer company
▲Welding processsqiYoYike manufacturer company
The basic working principle of electric welding is that after the 220V or 380V voltage is connected, the voltage is reduced by the pressure reducer in the electric welding machine, the current is enhanced, and the electric energy generates huge arc heat to melt the welding rod and steel, and the melting of the welding rod causes the gap between the steel Higher integration.sqiYoYike manufacturer company

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