About the test report

We strictly require that every product can meet customer needs, and every data report about the product


The quality report includes material composition analysis report, surface treatment material quality analysis report, environmental protection SGS test report, silk screen ink ROHS report, to ensure quality for customers

Conditions for applying for company qualification certification:

1. Mainly for indoor tensile, high temperature tensile, impact test, hardness, torque, contract load, guaranteed load, etc.

2. Mainly aim at the testing of tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, modulus of elasticity, impact test and bending test.

3. Mainly focus on the element analysis of carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, wrought aluminum alloy, cast aluminum alloy, chapel copper alloy, and cast copper alloy.

4. It refers to the material test that detects the chemical or physical (or mechanical)-chemical damage process caused by the interaction of metal or other materials with the environment.

About the test report

  • Material testing: 2021.6
  • Environmental testing: 2018.3
  • Surface treatment inspection: 2018.5
  • Parts inspection: 2014.6
  • Salt spray test: 2016.9
  • Mechanics testing: 2021.3
  • Three-coordinate detection: 2015.6
  • Size detection: 2021.3

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