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3D printing is a new type of rapid prototyping technology that integrates cutting-edge technologies in many fields such as digital modeling technology

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 electromechanical control technology, information technology, materials science and chemistry, and involves many fields.

The author believes that as a manufacturing process (Manufacturing), 3D printing mainly involves three aspects:zS1YoYike manufacturer company
 zS1YoYike manufacturer company

1. Material. That is, the materials used in 3D printing, including resins, metals, ceramics, plastics or natural materials, etc.,these materials form real functional products through accumulation.zS1YoYike manufacturer company
 zS1YoYike manufacturer company

2. Equipment (Machine). The 3D printing equipment will materialize the product according to the requirements of the software (design data and production data). There are many types of existing 3D printing equipment, which will be introduced later.zS1YoYike manufacturer company
zS1YoYike manufacturer company
3D printing related fieldszS1YoYike manufacturer company

3. Modeling. This is the software part of the 3D printing process. Including slicing, model construction and optimization, molding process control, etc. This is the software part of the 3D printing process.zS1YoYike manufacturer company
 zS1YoYike manufacturer company

In the first course ( link ) about 3D printing made by the author at the Siggraph Asia International Conference in 2014, the author proposed the 3M concept of 3D printing, namely material, machine, modeling, which is like three table legs. Supporting the manufacturing desktop and its development (3M+1M), one is indispensable.zS1YoYike manufacturer company
 zS1YoYike manufacturer company

If 3D printing is compared to a dish, the material is the raw material of the dish, the equipment is the pot, and the modeling is the recipe and production method. Modeling, as the "brain" of 3D printing, plays a vital role in the forming process. This is exactly the research work of our researchers who are engaged in computer graphics and geometric modeling. zS1YoYike manufacturer company
zS1YoYike manufacturer company
Therefore, computer graphics is an indispensable and important research field in 3D printing. In computer graphics, a large number of research papers on geometry, structural design and optimization have appeared in recent years. The author has also done a series of research work in this area, which will be detailed later.zS1YoYike manufacturer company

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