5 kinds of aluminum alloy machining process

Aluminum alloy is obtained by adding other metal elements to metal aluminum to obtain a metal alloy, such as silicon, iron, copper, aluminum, etc.

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The aluminum alloy obtained by adding other metals has the characteristics of low density, high strength, and corrosion resistance. It is light and portable. The characteristics of aluminum alloy and strength have made aluminum alloys widely used in the machining and manufacturing of various parts.N5OYoYike manufacturer company
 N5OYoYike manufacturer company

1. Aluminum alloy parts machining, also called CNC pmachining, automatic lathe machining. CNC lathe processing, etc.,N5OYoYike manufacturer company

(1) Ordinary machine tools use turning, milling, planing, drilling, grinding, etc. to process mold parts, and then make necessary repairs to the fitter to assemble various molds.N5OYoYike manufacturer company

(2) Mold parts require high precision, and only ordinary machine tools are used for machining. It is difficult to ensure high machining accuracy. Therefore, precision machine tools are required for machining.N5OYoYike manufacturer company

(3) In order to make punch parts, especially complex shape punches, die holes and cavity machining more automated, and fitter's repair work is also more automated, it is necessary to use CNC machine tools (such as three-axis CNC milling machines, machining centers, etc.) CNC grinder, etc.) machining molds.N5OYoYike manufacturer company
 N5OYoYike manufacturer company

2. Stamping of aluminum alloy partsN5OYoYike manufacturer company

Punching refers to the forming process of applying external force to plates, slats, pipes and profiles by means of punches and dies to plastically deform or separate them to obtain workpieces (stamping parts) of required shape and size. Stamping parts are the production process of using the power of conventional or special stamping machines to directly deform and then deform the plate in the mold to obtain product accessories with a certain shape, size and performance. Sheet. Die and equipment are the three major elements of stamping machining. Stamping is a machining method of cold deformation of metal, so it is also called cold stamping or sheet stamping, or stamping for short. This is a major metal plastic machining method.N5OYoYike manufacturer company
 N5OYoYike manufacturer company

3. Precision casting aluminum alloy accessoriesN5OYoYike manufacturer company

belongs to the precision casting of special castings. The parts obtained by this method usually do not need to be machined. For example, investment casting, pressure casting, etc. Compared with traditional casting technology, precision casting is a casting method. This method can obtain a more precise shape and improve the casting accuracy.N5OYoYike manufacturer company
N5OYoYike manufacturer company
The more common method is: first design and manufacture the mold according to the product requirements (with little or no margin), cast wax to obtain the original wax mold by casting, and then paint the wax mold repeatedly to make a hard shell. The wax mold is dissolved in it to obtain the cavity for dewaxing; the shell is fired to achieve sufficient strength; the metal material for casting; the sand is cleaned after the shell is removed; high-precision finished products can be obtained. Carry out heat treatment and cold machining according to product requirements.
N5OYoYike manufacturer company
 N5OYoYike manufacturer company

4. Powder metallurgy aluminum alloy accessoriesN5OYoYike manufacturer company

Powder metallurgy is a technology that uses metal powder (sometimes also adding a small amount of non-metal powder) to mix metal powder, shape and sinter, and make materials or products. There are two parts, namely:N5OYoYike manufacturer company

(1) Manufacturing metal powder (also including alloy powder, collectively referred to as "metal powder" hereinafter).N5OYoYike manufacturer company

(2) Mixing metal powders (sometimes also adding a small amount of non-metal powders), forming and sintering them to make a material (called "powder metallurgy material") or product (called "powder metallurgy product").N5OYoYike manufacturer company

5. Injection molding of aluminum alloy partsN5OYoYike manufacturer company

The solid powder is uniformly mixed with the organic binder. After granulation, it is injected into the mold cavity with an injection molding machine under heating and plasticization (~150℃) to solidify and shape, and then chemically or thermally decomposed into the molded body The binder is removed, and then sintered and densified to obtain the product.N5OYoYike manufacturer company
N5OYoYike manufacturer company
Compared with traditional technology, it has the characteristics of high precision, uniform organization, excellent performance, and low production cost. Its products are widely used in electronic information engineering, biomedical equipment, office equipment, automobiles, machinery, hardware, sports equipment, clocks and watches. Industrial fields such as weapons and aerospace.
N5OYoYike manufacturer company

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