How to weld aluminum plate

During the welding process of aluminum plate, if the atmosphere is in direct contact with the high temperature molten pool, the oxygen in the atmosphere will oxidize metals and various alloying elements.


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Aluminum can be used as welding metal shell with the following welding methods and welding materials:KiTYoYike manufacturer company

Manual arc welding is commonly known as hand-held electric welding. This situation is more suitable for argon arc welding or gas welding when the welding angle is not good or the welding material is not good. It needs to be welded by DC reverse connection. It can be welded with WEWELDING555 aluminum electrode suitable for ordinary inverter DC spot welding machine welding.KiTYoYike manufacturer company
 KiTYoYike manufacturer company

If aluminum alloys first emerged in the aviation industry, then in recent decades, in addition to the aviation industry, aluminum and aluminum have been widely used in aerospace, automobiles, ships, bridges, machinery manufacturing, electrical engineering, chemical industries and cryogenic devices. Alloys to manufacture various components, fuel tanks, corrosion-resistant containers and wires, etc.KiTYoYike manufacturer company
KiTYoYike manufacturer company
KiTYoYike manufacturer company
How to weld aluminum plateKiTYoYike manufacturer company
 KiTYoYike manufacturer company

aluminum plate weld Extended information:KiTYoYike manufacturer company

The production and storage environment of aluminum alloy must be dustproof, waterproof and dry. The ambient temperature is usually controlled above 5 ℃, and the humidity is controlled below 70%.KiTYoYike manufacturer company
 KiTYoYike manufacturer company

It should be ensured that the humidity of the welding environment is not too high. If the humidity is too high, the probability of pores in the weld will increase significantly, thus affecting the welding quality. The violent flow of air will cause insufficient gas protection, resulting in welding pores. A windshield can be installed to avoid the influence of indoor ventilation.KiTYoYike manufacturer company
 KiTYoYike manufacturer company

Attention should be paid to the use of welding consumables: aluminum welding wire should be stored separately from steel welding consumables, and the use period should not exceed 1a. After the welding is completed, the welding wire should be taken out from the welding machine for sealing treatment to prevent contamination. The ability of air supply hoses of different materials to resist the entry of moisture is different, especially when the air supply pressure is high, the impact of the air supply hose is more obvious. The air supply hose is best to use Teflon hose.KiTYoYike manufacturer company
 KiTYoYike manufacturer company

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