What are the advantages of CNC machining?

Many previous production and CNC machining methods and machining equipment have been gradually replaced by new technology applications,


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although some can not be completely replaced, but for the previous, new technology The application has always had some advantages that are better than the previous ones. Nowadays, people's clothing, food, housing and transportation are always very good. People must keep up with the development of the times. Therefore, today people will talk about the relativity of CNC production and CNC machining compared to general CNC machine tools. advantage?wx7YoYike manufacturer company

1. It can produce and process continuous, smooth random slopes that cannot be produced and processed by ordinary three-axis or cannot be clamped for production and CNC machining at one time. Such as the leaves of aircraft engines and turbogenerators, the screw boosters used in ships, and many casings and abrasives with unique slopes and complicated dies and hole spacings.wx7YoYike manufacturer company
wx7YoYike manufacturer company
CNC machining advantageswx7YoYike manufacturer company
 wx7YoYike manufacturer company

2. It can improve the precision, quality and high efficiency of production and CNC machining of random slopes in indoor space. For example, when three-axis CNC lathes produce complex inclined surfaces, ball-end turning tools are often used. The ball-end turning tools must be formed by point contact, and the drilling efficiency is low. Moreover, the position angle of the CNC blade/steel part cannot be used in the production process. It is generally impossible to ensure that drilling is carried out with the best drilling point on the ball nose turning tool (that is, the highest peak angular velocity of the ball nose), and there will be a drilling point on the ball nose tool. The rotation axis where the release rate is equal to zero condition above.wx7YoYike manufacturer company

3, the advantages of mold manufacturing. In traditional mold manufacturing, gantry machining centers are generally used for cutting and CNC machining of steel parts. With the rapid development of mold CNC machining technology, some shortcomings of the gantry machining center itself have become more and more obvious. Contemporary mold manufacturing widely uses ball head turning tools for production and CNC machining, and ball head turning tools have prominent benefits in mold manufacturing.wx7YoYike manufacturer company

4. Five-axis linkage machine tool production and CNC machining technical production and CNC machining of abrasive tools can get rid of the above mentioned problems. The use of five-axis linkage machine tool to produce and process abrasive tools can quickly make molds, supply fast, and better ensure the production and CNC machining quality of abrasive tools, making mold manufacturing easier and easier, and making abrasive tools more and more changed. very easy.wx7YoYike manufacturer company

Dongguan Zhaoheng Machinery has been focusing on and precipitating a perfect supply chain system for 17 years. It has more than 100 Top10 international first-line brand CNC machining centers and perfect testing equipment to meet customers' requirements for precision parts; a team of engineers with 20 years of experience per capita, With strong R&D, design, production and assembly capabilities, it provides one-stop industrial supporting services for customers in different fields such as medical, semiconductor, automation, automotive, optics, etc. Welcome to map customization!wx7YoYike manufacturer company

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