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CNC machining is a process method for machining parts on a CNC machine tool, and a machining method that uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and tools.


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It is an effective way to solve the problems of small batch size, complex shape and high precision parts. What should be paid attention to when CNC machining?

1. The burrs on the surface of the workpiece are easily overlooked by many manufacturers. In fact, for a part, the CNC machining parts are processed by equipment, so burrs will be generated during injection molding, and the burrs are also in this If it is not trimmed in time, this part is very likely to be scrapped, and it will also affect other links during use.ODiYoYike manufacturer company
ODiYoYike manufacturer company
CNC machining partsODiYoYike manufacturer company
 ODiYoYike manufacturer company

2. The accuracy of the parts, the accuracy of the parts processed by the CNC lathe is very strict. Only when the required accuracy can be used, the accuracy can be judged, mainly depending on his ability to control the size. If the accuracy is within the specified range where the tolerance can fluctuate, the part is qualified, and if it exceeds the tolerance, it is not qualified.ODiYoYike manufacturer company
ODiYoYike manufacturer company
what is CNC machiningODiYoYike manufacturer company
 ODiYoYike manufacturer company

3. Analyze the test results. For parts, they must be tested for performance before leaving the factory. If the performance is qualified, they should be shipped immediately. If the performance is unqualified, some of the reasons should be analyzed. A large amount of scrap can be avoided. Manufacturers in the machining industry basically deal with it in this way.ODiYoYike manufacturer company
ODiYoYike manufacturer company
They will make certain quality control charts based on the performance of many manufacturers to analyze the reasons.ODiYoYike manufacturer company

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