Comber repair method

Today I will talk about the general inspection and maintenance methods when the comber equipment has abnormal noise. When the machine produces abnormal noise.

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1. Inspection MethodJR5YoYike manufacturer company

During the inspection, listen to and identify where the abnormal sound comes from. There are several ways to check:JR5YoYike manufacturer company

1) Hearing. This is the first and most realistic way to detect abnormal noise. Through ear listening, you should be able to roughly discern the regularity of the sound and its possible location. Then Cai further listened carefully in this general area, looking for the exact location and reason. If you suspect that there is a possibility of abnormal noise in a deep or narrow part of the machine, you can rely on a hearing device to help you detect, so as to more accurately hear and hear the most accurate part of the abnormal noise.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

2) See it. This is also a way to further help confirm the hearing situation, whether it is used in driving or parking. If you encounter some parts that cannot be seen directly with your eyes or can't see clearly, you can use a bent tube observation mirror to carefully observe the suspicious parts after the car has stopped.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

3) Touch by hand. Use the feel of your hand to help check the correct part of the abnormal sound. Some abnormal noises are caused by touch. When the contact is severe, it will cause other related parts to shake or twist, which is silently detected by visual observation. You can lift the suspicious part with your finger to check whether there is shaking or twisting.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

4) Micrometer test. After the machine stops rotating, use a micrometer to insert a test on the suspicious part to check the degree of contact.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

2. Check stepsJR5YoYike manufacturer company

In the inspection of abnormal noise, in addition to blindly refueling, it is also not allowed to disassemble the parts at will. Abnormal noise is a phenomenon caused by abnormal friction. To find out the cause of it in time and accurately, you must check it patiently and carefully.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

1) After hearing the abnormal noise, you should first identify which characteristic it is. Then, according to the phonetic characteristics, roughly list the range of several suspicious parts.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

2) Further use various inspection methods to narrow down the scope of suspicious parts.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

3) In order to further identify the source of the abnormal noise, the parts of one or two parts can be carefully checked by jog and slow. If necessary, the suspicious parts can be removed for verification and inspection, or the relevant oil eye can be filled with oil until it is found. Until the exact parts are released.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

3. Repair methodJR5YoYike manufacturer company

According to the found reasons, the conditions are eliminated.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

1) Abnormal noise caused by lack of oil between the shaft and the buss:JR5YoYike manufacturer company

A. Dredge the oil eye again, and fill in the right amount of vehicle oil.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

B. If the shaft or the bush is rusty due to severe oil shortage, the bush cover should be disassembled, the rust and dirt should be wiped off, and now an appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be added before the cover; if it is found that the shaft or bush is severely worn If the groove or the gap is too large, the cloth should be replaced with a new cloth, and the oil should be soaked with an emery cloth to smooth the burr on the shaft.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

C. If the oil eye hole is too large, an oil storage cup filled with linoleum or foam plastic should be added to prevent flying dirt from clogging the oil eye.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

2) The machine parts touch each other, causing abnormal friction and abnormal noise:JR5YoYike manufacturer company

A. When the abrasion is not serious, you can adjust the installation position of the machine parts so that they do not touch each other.   B. If the parts are severely damaged or nearly damaged due to severe contact and friction, they should be replaced.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

3) If the structure of the machine is not tight and there is a sprain during operation, the shape should be re-corrected and reinforced. Some parts or safety covers that cannot be reinforced are replaced with new ones.JR5YoYike manufacturer company

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