CPCI Rugged Chassis Shell machining

CPCI Rugged Chassis Shell is a customized chassis of our company. It has sturdiness, high stability and high reliability. It can adapt to harsh working environment well.

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YoYike has a professional CPCI chassis research and development team with rich experience in CPCI chassis design and customization. CPCI chassis can be customized according to customer needs.

At the same time, it provides CPCI boards, CPCI power supplies, CPCI motherboards, CPCI backplanes and other products to provide customers with CPCI Complete solution.0WsYoYike manufacturer company
 0WsYoYike manufacturer company

Our CPCI chassis has a high-performance CPCI backplane and a solid and reliable mechanical shell. The CPCI chassis includes 1U, 2U, 4U, 6U, 7U, and 9U specifications. The size of the chassis and the number of slots can be customized.0WsYoYike manufacturer company
0WsYoYike manufacturer company
0WsYoYike manufacturer company
CPCI Rugged Chassis Shell machining0WsYoYike manufacturer company
 0WsYoYike manufacturer company

Whether it is a portable system, a desktop system, a rack-mounted system, an embedded system or a system with integrated signal processing, we can provide customized CPCI chassis according to the customer's application, so that the customer's CPCI system can achieve higher flexibility Sex and more powerful features.0WsYoYike manufacturer company
 0WsYoYike manufacturer company

CPCI Rugged Chassis vertical chassis, rack-mounted installation, strong compatibility;0WsYoYike manufacturer company

High-density, high-capacity design, can support up to 17 horizontally installed 6U×160mm front insert cards and 17 6U×80mm rear insert cards;0WsYoYike manufacturer company

Fully modular structure that can be quickly installed and unloaded, supports hot plugging, and is convenient for installation and maintenance;0WsYoYike manufacturer company

Wide temperature CPCI power supply fully redundant system design, input/output overcurrent/overvoltage protection, automatic load balancing;0WsYoYike manufacturer company

Perfect EMC design, good heat dissipation system, highly reliable connection method, strong environmental adaptability;0WsYoYike manufacturer company

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