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The connecting parts of the aluminum alloy body frame structure are mostly formed by casting, and the casting methods used are mainly semi-solid die casting and other advanced high-precision die casting methods.

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Semi-solid die casting technology currently has two forming processes: rheological forming process and thixoforming process. The former is to send the liquid metal into a specially designed injection molding machine barrel, which is sheared by a screw device to cool it into a semi-solid slurry, and then die-cast.sxhYoYike manufacturer company
sxhYoYike manufacturer company
Die casting technologysxhYoYike manufacturer company
sxhYoYike manufacturer company
The latter is to feed the solid metal particles or scraps into the screw injection molding machine, and under the conditions of heating and shearing, the metal particles are converted into slurry and then die-casted into shape.sxhYoYike manufacturer company
sxhYoYike manufacturer company
At present, the semi-solid metal casting used in domestic and foreign industries mainly refers to thixocasting, which is widely used in the body frame structure.sxhYoYike manufacturer company
sxhYoYike manufacturer company
As a precision forming method, thixocasting has high strength of the workpiece after forming, and can realize one-time forming of complex shapes. It can realize mass production of various non-cutting or very little-cutting parts and reduce the number of parts.sxhYoYike manufacturer company
sxhYoYike manufacturer company
The above is the introduction of precision die-casting technology. I hope to bring help to friends in need. If you want to learn more about aluminum alloy casing, please continue to pay attention to our website, we will update it regularly.

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