Four-axis machining

Four-axis: Generally, when the workpiece is not positioned in space, there are six degrees of freedom, X, Y, Z three linear displacement degrees of freedom and the corresponding A, B, C three degrees of freedom of rotational displacement.


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Usually, what we call a three-axis machining center is to process objects through the three linear axes of X, Y, and Z. The four-axis is to increase the A rotation axis on the basis of the three-axis, that is, the object is processed on the four displacement degrees of freedom of X, Y, Z, and A.Y5KYoYike manufacturer company
Y5KYoYike manufacturer company
4-axis machiningY5KYoYike manufacturer company
Y5KYoYike manufacturer company
Extended information:Y5KYoYike manufacturer company
Y5KYoYike manufacturer company
1. According to the number of motion coordinates of the machining center and the number of coordinates controlled at the same time: there are three axes and two linkages, three axes and three linkages, four axes and three linkages, five axes and four linkages, and six axes and five linkages. Three-axis and four-axis refer to the number of motion coordinates of the machining center. Linkage means that the control system can control the number of motion coordinates at the same time, so as to realize the position and speed control of the tool relative to the workpiece.Y5KYoYike manufacturer company
Y5KYoYike manufacturer company
2. According to the machining accuracy: there are ordinary machining centers and high-precision machining centers. Ordinary machining center, the resolution is 1μm, the maximum feed speed is 15-25m/min, and the positioning accuracy is about l0μm. High-precision machining center with a resolution of 0.1μm, a maximum feed speed of 15-100m/min, and a positioning accuracy of about 2μm. The ones between 2~l0μm are more than ±5μm, which can be called precision level.

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