Precision machining of gears and bearings

For the mechanical Precision machining gears and shaft parts, we not only need to know the machining procedures of large-scale mechanical machining plants and the safety production requirements of large-scale mechanical machining plants, but also understa

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5vhYoYike manufacturer company
Gear technical requirements5vhYoYike manufacturer company
 5vhYoYike manufacturer company

1. After the gear is assembled, the contact spots and backlash of the tooth surface should meet the requirements of GB10095 and GB11365.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

2. The reference end surface of the gear (worm gear) and the shaft shoulder (or the end surface of the positioning sleeve) should fit together and cannot be checked with a 0.05mm feeler gauge. And should ensure the verticality requirements of the reference end face of the gear and the axis.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

3. The joint surface of the gear box and the cover should be in good contact.5vhYoYike manufacturer company
 5vhYoYike manufacturer company

Bearing technical requirements5vhYoYike manufacturer company
 5vhYoYike manufacturer company

1. Assembling rolling bearings is allowed to use oil heating for hot charging, and the temperature of the oil should not exceed 100°C.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

2. The semi-circular holes of the bearing outer ring and the open bearing seat and bearing cover are not allowed to jam.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

3. The outer ring of the bearing should be in good contact with the semicircular hole of the open bearing seat and the bearing cover. When checking with coloring, it should be symmetrical with the bearing seat at 120° to the centerline, and with the bearing cover within the range of 90° symmetrical to the centerline. Even contact. When checking with a feeler gauge within the above range, the 0.03mm feeler gauge shall not be inserted into 1/3 of the outer ring width.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

4. After assembly, the outer ring of the bearing should contact the end face of the bearing cap of the positioning end evenly.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

5. After the rolling bearing is installed, it should be flexible and stable to rotate by hand.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

6. The joint surfaces of the upper and lower bearing bushes should be closely attached and cannot be checked with a 0.05mm feeler gauge.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

7. When fixing the bearing bush with locating pins, drill the reaming and distributing pins while ensuring that the opening and closing faces and end breads of the bushing surface and the end face of the relevant bearing hole are flush with each other. Do not loosen the pin after driving in.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

8. The bearing body of the spherical bearing and the bearing seat should be in uniform contact, and the contact should not be less than 70% when inspected by the coloring method.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

9. The alloy bearing lining is not allowed to be used when the surface is yellow, and the nucleation is not allowed within the specified contact angle, and the nucleation area outside the contact angle shall not be greater than 10% of the total area of ​​the non-contact area.5vhYoYike manufacturer company

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