magnesium Micro-arc oxidation

magnesium Micro-arc oxidation is a new technology for in-situ growth of ceramic films on light metals under specific electrolyte and electric field conditions. 

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The principle is to use electrochemical methods to produce spark discharge spots on the surface of the material, and under the combined action of thermochemistry, plasma chemistry and electrochemistry, a surface modification technology of the metal oxide ceramic layer is obtained.NPhYoYike manufacturer company

The ceramic oxide film formed by the magnesium  micro-arc oxidation treatment is metallurgically combined with the substrate, the film is dense, and has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The hardness of the oxide film can generally reach 600-1500HV (the film thickness is 20-50μm), and the wear resistance is better than that of hard chromium plating. The salt spray resistance test level can reach more than 2000 hours after sealing. The oxide film also has good insulation, withstands high voltage impacts above 500V, and effectively prevents galvanic corrosion; the oxide film also has good heat insulation properties.NPhYoYike manufacturer company
NPhYoYike manufacturer company
magnesium Micro-arc oxidation
NPhYoYike manufacturer company
 NPhYoYike manufacturer company

There are many micropores on the surface of the oxide film, mostly blind holes. The morphology of the structure is very conducive to subsequent coating. It can make the organic coating penetrate into the micropores of the oxide film to form an "anchor effect", which greatly improves the bonding force of the organic coating.NPhYoYike manufacturer company

The magnesium micro-arc oxidation treatment process is simple and the process is short. There is no need for complicated pre-processing of the workpiece. The electrolyte components are mainly food additives, which are non-toxic, harmless and long-lasting, and do not need to be replaced during the production process. Cleaning wastewater can be used as electrolyte to add water, and there is basically no wastewater discharge during the treatment process.NPhYoYike manufacturer company

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