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Nowadays, there are more and more, and the machining of precision parts is the same, so what are the methods of precision machining parts?


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The production process of precision machining parts will include turning, milling, planing, grinding, pliers, stamping dies, forging and other methods.tqUYoYike manufacturer company
tqUYoYike manufacturer company
Stamping dies: The stamping dies are made of pre-made abrasives, and high-speed punches are used to carry out cold stamping production and machining. The key is to carry out sheet metal machining, that is, most of the material pictures for production and machining are sheet talents, and the high efficiency of production and processing is suitable for mass production. .tqUYoYike manufacturer company
tqUYoYike manufacturer company
The production process of precision hardware machining is divided into engineering project mold and continuous mold. Engineering project mold is also called single punching mold. Some very complex parts need to use two sets of abrasives, and continuous mold is in the mold of the abrasive tool to change the appearance of the product. Dismantling many parts into one grinding tool, so that one stroke of high-speed punch production and processing means one finished product. The high-speed continuous high-speed punch can produce and process three or four hundred products per minute.tqUYoYike manufacturer company
tqUYoYike manufacturer company
tqUYoYike manufacturer company
Precision machining methodtqUYoYike manufacturer company
tqUYoYike manufacturer company
tqUYoYike manufacturer company
CNC lathes: CNC lathes for precision parts machining belong to precision machining machinery and equipment, and are divided into CNC lathes, automatic lathes, instrument lathes and computerized CNC lathes. It carries out a rotating fitness movement after clamping the raw material, and the milling cutter carries out axial or radial production and machining.tqUYoYike manufacturer company
tqUYoYike manufacturer company
Nowadays, the use of automatic lathes and CNC lathes on computers is becoming more and more common. Since these two are all automatic production and machining, the precision deviation caused by the actual operation of human factors is reduced to a minimum, and the production and machining are faster for mass production. Most of the CNC lathes on the computer today are equipped with side rotating CNC blades and reverse rotating CNC blades, which can also be used for cutting production and machining.

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Precision machining

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