Precision parts-roving frame

The role of the Precision parts Roving frame is to guide the yarn, and then guide the roving around the roving tube through the hollow arms of the flying wings.

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The connection method of the Zhongshi flyer pressure palm and the flyer body has been improved compared with the traditional type, and the following effects can be obtained:bkpYoYike manufacturer company

a Easy to disassemble. After the shaft on the palm is unscrewed, the palm can be moved down and taken out.bkpYoYike manufacturer company

b The rotation of the lower shaft is changed from the flyer body to the pressing palm. That is to say, both the upper and lower holes are on the pressing palm. Once the holes are worn out due to negligence, only the pressing palm needs to be replaced. In the traditional type, the lower axle rotation is attached to the flyer. Once the lower axle hole is worn out, the flyer needs to be replaced. The improved type of Zhongshi flyer greatly reduces the use cost of the flyer.bkpYoYike manufacturer company

1、The pressure palm is the most easily damaged part on the flyer. It is necessary to avoid external force extrusion and impact during installation and use to prevent the aluminum pressure palm from breaking and the steel pressure palm from deforming.bkpYoYike manufacturer company

2、 The broken or deformed pressure palm must be replaced or reshaped in time. The essentials of palm pressing and plastic surgery are:bkpYoYike manufacturer company

a、 The position of the thread guide hole of the pressing palm should be consistent with the position of the thread guide hole of the other undeformed flyers, so that the roving winding height position of the whole machine is the same. Use the DY-G03 thread guide hole up and down correction tool when calibrating.bkpYoYike manufacturer company

b、The arc of the palm pressing arm must be in line with the small yarn position. The distance between the center of the yarn guide hole and the yarn pressing point is 8-10mm (the arc of the palm pressing arm conforms to the DY-G04 template).bkpYoYike manufacturer company

c、 The pressure palm leaf is parallel to the spindle: Generally, the inner side of the pressure palm leaf is a circular arc surface. Otherwise, it will cause the ills of the roving layer-layer light-layer hair when the lower dragon tendons are raised and lowered. Use the DY-G05 special adjustable wrench for calibration.bkpYoYike manufacturer company

d、 There should be no burrs or scars on the palm pressing arm and palm pressing leaf, otherwise the hairiness of the roving will increase.bkpYoYike manufacturer company

3、 The axial movement of the pressing palm is 0.1-0.5mm. The flyer has been adjusted before leaving the factory. After replacing the pressure palm, if the axial movement of the pressure palm is greater than 0.5mm, a small washer of 0.3mm thickness can be added to the lower shaft to adjust it.bkpYoYike manufacturer company

4、 Regularly check the radial clearance between the compression palm hole and the shaft. When the radial clearance exceeds 1mm, the nylon or steel bushings on the shaft and the pressing palm must be replaced.bkpYoYike manufacturer company

5、 The pressing palm trembles during operation. The upper axle is easy to loosen, so you must use the DY-G07 upper axle T-wrench to tighten it. Add black sealant to the M5 threaded hole to prevent loosening. To replace the lower shaft, the fish tail opening of the shaft should be rolled up with wire cutters, and then pulled out. When installing the new shaft, the knurled section should have interference.bkpYoYike manufacturer company
bkpYoYike manufacturer company
After tapping into the hole, insert a screwdriver into the upper notch and stretch it into a fishtail shape to ensure that the lower shaft does not fall off. The installation of the upper and lower axles must be taken seriously, otherwise the axle will fall off and fly out. If it is smaller, it will damage the adjacent flyer and its pressing palm. If it is larger, a personal accident with serious consequences will occur.bkpYoYike manufacturer company

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