Three-axis machining

3-axis machining

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Three-axis machining is processed by linear feed axes X, Y, and Z. Three-axis linkage CNC machine tools can control the linkage of three coordinate axes at the same time, which is used for the machining of general curved surfaces.

Wt3YoYike manufacturer company
Wt3YoYike manufacturer company

General cavity molds can be processed by three-axis. machining characteristics: The direction of the cutting tool remains unchanged during the movement along the entire cutting path. The cutting state of the tool tip cannot be perfect in real time.Wt3YoYike manufacturer company

3-axis machining methodWt3YoYike manufacturer company

The two rotating axes fix the cutting tool in an inclined position first, and then perform machining by the feed axes X, Y, and Z. This kind of machine tool is also called a positioning five-axis machine tool, which can be programmed and processed using Siemens' CYCLE800 function. CYCLE800 is a static plane conversion, which can define a rotating work plane in space through 32-axis machining (such as a rotary head or a rotary table). In this work plane, 2D or 3D machining operations can be programmed. 3 Positioning machining is suitable for plane machining.Wt3YoYike manufacturer company

machining characteristics: The rotary axis always rotates to the position where the machining plane is perpendicular to the tool axis for machining, and the machining plane remains fixed during machining.Wt3YoYike manufacturer company

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