Application of wrought magnesium alloy

The structural parts with magnesium alloy as the base material are mainly used in special environments with strict requirements on the strength of structural parts,

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light equipment (design weight is smaller than aluminum alloy), high electromagnetic shielding requirements, shock absorption, compression resistance, and impact resistance. . 595YoYike manufacturer company

Such as: aviation parts, aerospace electronic equipment structural parts, drone structural parts, reinforced computer structural parts, medical equipment structural parts, communication equipment structural parts, heat sinks, shielding boxes, electronic disks, heat conducting plates, cameras, GPS positioning equipment, Radar receiving equipment, various types of handles, control panels, switches, etc.595YoYike manufacturer company

M2M, ME20M magnesium alloy: good corrosion resistance and welding performance, use temperature <150℃. Used to make aircraft skins, wall panels and aerospace structural parts.595YoYike manufacturer company

AZ40M, AZ41M, AZ61M, AZ62M, AZ80M magnesium alloys: good room temperature mechanics and welding properties. Used in the manufacture of aircraft doors, wall panels and missile skins.595YoYike manufacturer company

ZK61M magnesium alloy: high tensile and compression yield strength, high temperature instantaneous strength, good forming and welding properties, medium plasticity. It is used to manufacture aircraft truss, operating system rocker arms, supports, etc.595YoYike manufacturer company

Mg-Li series magnesium alloy: low density, high strength, good plasticity, toughness, good weldability, low notch sensitivity, and has good application prospects in the aviation and aerospace industries.595YoYike manufacturer company

Magnesium alloy machining performance advantage595YoYike manufacturer company
 595YoYike manufacturer company

Application of wrought magnesium alloy

 595YoYike manufacturer company

1. The melting cost is only 2/3 of that of aluminum:595YoYike manufacturer company

2. Excellent die-casting formability: Magnesium alloy can be die-casted to manufacture complex parts and ultra-thin shell parts, the thinnest can reach 0.45mm (ABS plastic is 1.2-2mm, aluminum alloy is 1.5-2mm), and the surface quality of magnesium castings The appearance is obviously better than that of aluminum: the affinity of magnesium die castings and molds is much lower than that of aluminum, and the mold life is more than twice that of aluminum.595YoYike manufacturer company

3. Die casting production efficiency is 25% higher than aluminum, metal mold casting is 300-500K higher than aluminum, and lost foam casting is 200% higher than aluminum:595YoYike manufacturer company

(4) Good cutting performance: Magnesium alloy has low hardness and good cutting performance. The cutting resistance is only 56% of aluminum alloy and 43% of brass. Higher cutting speed and cheap Cutting tools, low tool consumption. And without grinding and polishing, a very smooth surface can be obtained with cutting fluid.Performance comparison of magnesium alloy and other materials595YoYike manufacturer company

Mag Magnesium has accumulated a wealth of mature technology in the field of magnesium alloy production. Its annual production complies with Chinese national standards (such as GB/T5153-2016, GB/T5154-2010) and international standards (such as ASTM B90/B90M, AMS4377H, AMS4377, ASM). -STD-2154) Magnesium alloy material.595YoYike manufacturer company

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