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We provide expert advice covering the starting point of testing, assembly, functionality or downstream manufacturing services. Therefore, you can obtain comprehensive design verification in functional tests and implement full-scale production with confidence. Functional prototype manufacturing technology includes CNC machining, vacuum reshaping, rapid aluminum forming, etc.


Technical evaluation: Before the start of the production phase, our engineering team will conduct a technical evaluation of your part design. This includes the evaluation of important factors such as materials, surface finish, structure, craftsmanship, and other details of 3D and 2D engineering drawings.

Material verification: According to customer requirements, we provide proof of materials used to manufacture parts. The report comes from the raw material manufacturer and usually includes: material heat number, material designation, material size, mechanical properties, chemical analysis, etc.

XRF: We use X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis to check material quality. XRF analyzers use short X-rays and gamma rays to determine the elemental composition of metals, plastics, and other materials to check the quality of the materials.

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Simple roughing detection

On-site inspection system:

In precision machining, it is very important that the processed material is always in the correct position. The on-site inspection system automatically checks the position and adjusts accordingly. Using an on-site inspection system further helps avoid problems in the early stages, saving costs and time.

Process quality control

At YoYike, we strictly comply with ISO9001:2015 requirements. Quality control personnel conduct routine inspections on all parts being produced every 2 hours. This further prevents the risk from occurring.

Inspection before shipment

Full-dimensional inspection report:

For all orders, we can provide a full-scale inspection report upon request. The report will include the following: number of parts, key dimensions, threads and tolerances, thickness and depth, appearance of parts, etc.


It is very important to ensure that the parts we manufacture are of the highest quality. We know the unpredictability of logistics. Therefore, we ensure that the risk of parts is reduced during the packaging process. Four layers of protection: 1. Wrapping paper 2. Pearl cotton 3. Foam 4. Paper/wooden boxes are used in the packaging process to ensure that we provide you with the best quality and most beautiful parts.

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