Medical device prototype manufacturing

You can send these prototype parts and low-volume production parts to the laboratory or clinical trials, and eventually bring them to the market faster.

Committed to medical devices R&D and manufacturing

Provide a full range of rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions for the medical industry. From surgical tools to large-scale treatment devices, our engineering methods will help you transform your initial idea into a realistic plan.

With years of experience, YoYike focuses on medical device prototyping and medical parts machining, and has served many medical device manufacturers around the world. We will help you at every step, from the first prototype to testing and iteration, to new product demonstrations, and even short-term or small-batch production.

Our prototyping and manufacturing capabilities include fully equipped in-house CNC machining and finishing workshops, 3D printing, polyurethane casting​​and rapid injection molding, which can meet all your medical device development needs.

Medical device manufacturing on demand rapid injection molding

We focus on manufacturability and cost-effectiveness to help you find medical device development solutions from concept to production.

Rapid injection molding provides a better choice for medical device manufacturers who need to mold parts in small batches. It will meet your needs for manufacturability analysis, engineering testing, clinical evaluation, investor demonstration or production preparation in the later stage of medical and health product development.

At the same time, it will be able to bridge the gap between prototype and production, allowing any problems to be discovered and corrected before moving to manufacturing.

Proof of Concept

Build the product concept of the medical device into a manageable range, and at the same time strive to establish key details, and fully understand the design intent through the proof-of-concept prototype.

Visual presentation

The visual presentation model enables designers to share the look and beauty of their designs with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders to promote clear and actionable feedback.

Functional prototype

Medical device functional prototype development (also known as Beta prototype) can be used to test the shape, fit and function of parts to improve design iterations and product performance, so that any problems can be found and corrected before the final determination, reducing operating risks .

Project verification

Creating an engineering prototype of a medical device that matches the final product makes it easier to verify design, engineering, and manufacturability before investing in expensive tools and putting them into production.

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