Military equipment machining

We are familiar with the manufacture of military equipment, and have more than ten years of complete machining of military products

Military Precision machining experience

Since 2012, we have more than ten years of machining experience in the machining of military equipment, including radar sensors, sturdy chassis, military communication routers, liquid-cooled chassis, etc.

We are familiar with the machining specifications and standards of military products, and have mature quality testing equipment, and strive to provide customers with high-quality military structural products.

For the surface treatment of military products, we have high-demand spraying, electrical equipment and other process capabilities, and strictly follow the military equipment quality system. We have a number of military quality certification requirements. And has more than ten new patent certificates.

Military materials || Made of magnesium and aluminum alloy

With the trend of aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, zinc alloys, and titanium alloys, innovation is being continuously promoted to accelerate the development of new products and bring them to the market faster.

We will develop a more responsive supply chain to better respond to the demand for more customized magnesium alloy products from military products. .

Continuous service system

Have a complete on-site guarantee and a continuous service system throughout the life cycle

Strong team

Have a complete professional technical research and development team that meets thermal design requirements

Analysis technology

Professional strength, ergonomics, thermal, fluid and electromagnetic simulation analysis technology

Stable machining and delivery time

Stable quality and timely delivery are the foundation of our survival;

Accuracy rate

99.69 %

This is the product qualification rate we have been doing all the time. 100% is our goal.

Business growth

235 %

We use quality, honesty, and win customers to introduce customers to grow our real business

Number of customers


With continuous accumulation, and developing together with customers

Complete the project


we have completed the goal of this year’s military project

Precision manufacturing

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Precision machining

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