CNC precision machining service

Precision machining

From prototype to production, we have CNC milling machining, CNC turning machining, and Small batch machining service.
An integrated approach customized for you to bring your product to the market

CNC milling machining parts

CNC milling machining

We focus on the manufacture of non-standard precision cnc parts with complex structures,

CNC turning machining parts

CNC turning machining

High-precision metal and plastic turning parts machining services from China.

Small batch machining parts

Small batch machining services

Small batch production is a rapid production method that precedes full production, with production volumes ranging from 100 to 100,000 pieces.

Strong ability

Our experienced prototype injection molding service provides a complete list of injection molding processes, as well as more than 100 materials and surface treatments to meet your customized injection molding needs.

High efficiency

As an injection molding manufacturer in China, we provide a reasonably priced injection molding quotation within 1 working day. In addition, there is no MOQ rapid injection molding to make it suitable for initial development.

Reliable quality

It is easy to use YOYIKE for rapid injection molding. We provide free DFM feedback, certification and production updates throughout the process. You always get high-quality custom molded plastic parts.

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Precision manufacturing

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Precision machining

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