Rapid prototyping manufacturing service

Rapid prototyping

From prototype to production, we have injection molding, 3D printing, and die-casting machining services.
An integrated approach customized for you to bring your product to the market

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Rapid prototyping service
Die casting parts

Die casting

A manufacturing process that can produce accurate, clear, smooth, and textured metal parts.

Injection molding spare parts

Injection molding service

Rapid injection molding is a production method that applies rapid molds to plastic injection molding

3D printing parts

3D printing service

Our 3D printing service utilizes the manufacturing service of more than 350 3D printers, which means that our customers can get competitive prices and fast delivery times.

Strong ability

Our experienced prototype injection molding service provides a complete list of injection molding processes, as well as more than 100 materials and surface treatments to meet your customized injection molding needs.

High efficiency

As an injection molding manufacturer in China, we provide a reasonably priced injection molding quotation within 1 working day. In addition, there is no MOQ rapid injection molding to make it suitable for initial development.

Reliable quality

It is easy to use YOYIKE for rapid injection molding. We provide free DFM feedback, certification and production updates throughout the process. You always get high-quality custom molded plastic parts.

Why choose YOYIKE for batch manufacturing?

Let YOYIKE handle all your custom manufacturing needs

Extensive manufacturing process options
We provide a wide range of manufacturing services for batch production needs of metal and plastic parts, including CNC machining, plastic injection molding, metal casting, sheet metal manufacturing, etc., as well as one-stop surface treatment options.
Utilize the complete resources of our China supply chain
Our rich manufacturing experience and ability to integrate resources can meet your machining needs, and provide batch manufacturing processes through the most advanced facilities to meet any project requirements.
High quality and fast delivery
An experienced team of engineers and flexible production methods mean faster manufacturing and shorter lead times.
Flexible order machining with fast DFM response.
No minimum order quantity, provide faster and more flexible orders; fast DFM feedback to predict potential problems, help you solve engineering challenges and reduce production costs.
ISO 9001 certified quality control
Our strict quality control process and advanced testing equipment ensure that your parts always meet the required quality standards.

batch manufacturing

batch manufacturing is the best way to smoothly transition from prototype to production, and provides on-demand production and the ability to quickly deliver customized parts.

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Precision manufacturing

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Precision machining

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