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On November 26, 2019, the sales, management, and technical backbone of Shenzhen Youke Technology Seiko team went to Shanghai to participate in the 19th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition.

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In this exhibition, I met many old customers, old friends and partners in the textile machinery industry, including Japanese Murata Machinery, Japan Tiemei Machinery, Beijing Zhongli, Wuxi Hongyuan Electromechanical, Jiangyin Huafang, Jiangyin Kaiye...In addition to talking about daily business, From the national economic situation, the development status and vision of the industrial manufacturing industry, the trend of the global textile machinery and textile industry, to the discussion on the internal on-site management of the production enterprises, personnel training, performance incentives, etc.sMNYoYike manufacturer company
sMNYoYike manufacturer company
sMNYoYike manufacturer company
sMNYoYike manufacturer company
This trip to the 19th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition in 2019 has been very rewarding and I have deep feelings. Shenzhen Youke Technology will set up a booth at the 2020 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia held in Shanghai in October 2020, and look forward to meeting and talking with all new and old friends.sMNYoYike manufacturer company

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