Environmental Protection Symposium

At 2 pm on September 24, 2019, I participated in the Symposium on Environmental Protection and Green Production in Wuxi Equipment Manufacturing Industry held in Binhu District. At the meeting, entrepreneurs described various practical problems facing

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This has a deeper guiding role for our Shenzhen Youke Technology's environmental protection work. It is very important to know how to give full play to one's initiative and how to communicate with the government.SBPYoYike manufacturer company
SBPYoYike manufacturer company
SBPYoYike manufacturer company
SBPYoYike manufacturer company
SBPYoYike manufacturer company
Our environmental awareness and environmental protection work has been further improved. As an excellent machining enterprise, Shenzhen Youke Technology not only contributes to the Chinese industry, Chinese manufacturing, and the global textile machinery industry, but also makes a significant contribution to our green waters and mountains.SBPYoYike manufacturer company
SBPYoYike manufacturer company
Shenzhen Youke Technology hopes to exert more energy, assume more social responsibilities, and make the area it serves a better place.SBPYoYike manufacturer company

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