Internal management kick-off meeting

On December 23, 2019, Shenzhen Youke Technology specially appointed Wuxi Intellectual Enterprise's internal production accelerator to serve the factory and comprehensively improve the internal management level. The aim is to borrow external professional

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At the kick-off ceremony, the teacher led all middle-level cadres to play games together, and everyone was happy to join in. The game not only further promotes the feelings between colleagues, but also vividly illustrates the communication problems and execution problems that may arise in the work.AC0YoYike manufacturer company
AC0YoYike manufacturer company
AC0YoYike manufacturer company

Finally, the entire management team of Shenzhen Youke Technology signed the improvement banner, that is, signed a military order, and contributed to the entire team to a higher level in 2020.AC0YoYike manufacturer company
AC0YoYike manufacturer company
There is no best individual, but there is the best team. Come on!AC0YoYike manufacturer company

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