Resumption of work in 2020

In the face of such a severe new coronavirus epidemic, the key personnel of Shenzhen Youke Technology began to prepare for the resumption of work as early as the Chinese New Year, from the purchase of masks, disinfectant, 75-degree alcohol, disposable glo

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Finally, I received a notice of resumption of work approval on February 20, 2020, and started to partially resume work on February 21, and began urgent production of customer orders.eEjYoYike manufacturer company
eEjYoYike manufacturer company
eEjYoYike manufacturer company

Anti-epidemic propaganda panels are posted in the factory to remind employees to wear masks, not to get together, and to wash their hands frequently for disinfection.eEjYoYike manufacturer company
eEjYoYike manufacturer company
Efforts should be made to achieve both epidemic prevention and control and economic development.eEjYoYike manufacturer company
eEjYoYike manufacturer company
Everyone struggling at work in this period is making his own contribution to epidemic prevention and economic development. Whether it is medical staff, front-line volunteers, or machining staff, assembly line workers are warriors in this special era!eEjYoYike manufacturer company
 eEjYoYike manufacturer company

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